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Silk petal is an online business run by Claire and Regan based in Chesterfield, north Derbyshire.

Claire, like most lady’s, has always been attracted to beautiful things, she is social and loves people, but it is her creative eye and passion for quality, that makes her the perfect person to manage the flowers and the requirements of the customers who purchase them.

Regan is the patient, diligent pragmatist of the couple and his attention to detail really lends itself to the finer details of the business such as stock management, accounts and making sure that customers feel really cared for.

The idea of the business came about by chance, when Claire couldn’t find an arrangement of faux flowers she was looking for, and so decided to create her own.

After doing some research on the flowers currently available she was amazed and inspired at the superior quality of the life like blooms she found. This then sparked an idea and a passion was formed. Two years of research, planning, buying and testing followed before the couple were happy to launch www.silkpetal.co.uk to the public.


Contemporary faux Flowers – Add affordable beauty to any home or business

‘It is near impossible to tell them apart from the real thing and their beauty never wilts.’


Ideal for:

•   Homes

•   Offices and workplaces

•   Restaurants

•   Hotels

•   Corporate events

•   Wedding Centrepieces

•   Romantic gestures

•   Birthdays

•   Valentines

•   Celebrations


Silk petal has a beautiful selection of arrangements and pot plants; many have been created by themselves.

If you want to design your own display; single stems and vases are also for sale.

Silk Petal aims to offer something artistic and unique and we know that you will be really pleased with your purchase.