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Welcome to Silk Petal - Silk Artificial Flowers

We specialise in high class realistic artificial flowers, sold both as single stems, and as part of our own individual designs including brands such as Sia Home Fashion.


Silk Petal is an imaginative and creative business specialising in beautiful, realistic artificial flowers for the home, event or workplace.

Incredibly realistic, contemporary silk flowers are nearly impossible to tell from the real thing, as designers concentrate on ‘botanically accurate faux flowers’; re-creating intricate details which include the imperfections you find on natural flowers, such as insect nibbled leaves and emerging buds. 

Traditional or modern flowers have become an important part of interior design and add a glamorous, stylish ‘must have’ touch to any space. They bring a room to life, adding beauty and taste to the surroundings that complement the style of the space they are in.

Here are a few of the many advantages to owning your own Silk Flowers:

  • They are so realistic, ‘you cannot tell the difference’
  • They never wilt or die
  • They don’t need water
  • They look forever fresh
  • There are no fallen leaves or petals
  • They are tough and are difficult to break
  • They do not affect allergy sufferers
  • They can be easily re-used in different displays
  • They are botanically accurate and truly beautiful

Artificial flowers have come a long way from the 70’s plastic flowers that ‘Grandma used to buy’ They are now a true centre piece to any room and so botanically accurate that even touching one makes you wonder if they are real. Most of our silk flowers have a clear silicon coating on the silk, to enhance the real feel of the bloom


We have a great selection of made up displays as well as individual flowers and vases for you to create your own. We also have a waterproof selection for outdoor use.